About this blog

Welcome to your own free backing paper store!

Ok, let me introduce myself. I am from Kerala, India and someone who loves art in its variety of forms. The craze for making backing papers started when I had the opportunity to live in UK. You know, I just loved Create and Craft TV! Such beautiful creations they used to make there! But anyway, I never bought any of the craft supplies, even though I was SO Tempted. It was too costly, atleast for me...So then I thought why not make some on my own! And then...I started this blog. Tadaa!

Yes, this site is exclusively for backing papers and they are free for your personal use. And after so many months, I am glad to see that there are a lot of craft lovers who come here (however, very quietly) and download my backing papers. I am sure you make good use of them and hope you would all keep on visiting (and drop in a word of encouragement, if you have time!!).

Don't forget that if you would like professional backing papers or any craft items from India, please contact me.

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